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P-methylbenzene sulfonyl methyl isonitrile

P-methylbenzene sulfonyl methyl isonitrile

 English Name: p-toluenesulfonyl methyl isocyanide; Tosmic; Tosyl Methyl Isocyanide

 Alias: p-toluenesulfonylmethylcarbamide; P-tolyl isohydric acid ester; 4-toluenesulfonyl carbamide; P-methylsulfonyl methyl isonitrile; P-toluenesulfonyl methyl isonitrile; P-toluenesulfonyl methyl isocyanide; P-methylbenzene sulfonyl methyl isonitrile; Bis Toluenesulfonyl methyl isocyanide; 1h-indazole-14-ol; P-sulfonyltoluene methylisonitrile.

 Content: ≥ 99.5%

 CAS No.: 36635-61-7

 Molecular formula: ch3c6h4so2ch2nc

 Molecular weight: 195.24

 Melting point: 109-113 ℃

 Appearance: yellow to brown crystal

 Sensitivity: moisture absorption

 Storage conditions: sensitive to moisture, dry storage.

Product introduction

 1,5-disubstituted imidazole was obtained by base promoted 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reaction of p-toluenesulfonyl methylisonitrile with immobilized imine under microwave radiation. It is a multifunctional synthon in organic chemistry and is widely used in the synthesis of heterocyclic compounds.



P-methylbenzene sulfonyl methyl isonitrile:

 used in the synthesis of triad drugs with 1,3,5-trioxyheterocyclohexane skeleton

 used as a reagent for the preparation of bioactive pyrrole and imidazole

 used as an isonitrile component in diastereoselective passerine reactions using sugar derived aldehydes



20kg square paper bucket; 25kg round paper bucket


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